Tasha (03.08.11, 2:04 PM): Brought tears to my eyes. I'm proud to be in the same Air Force. This flag is something I am sure this family will cherrish forever.
Sandy Dobbs (11.27.10, 9:26 AM): Mark's service to God, his country and family is truly aspiring, this part of his character shared by his amazing family has me crying tears of remembering watching the little boy I knew grow up to become such an American hero example for us all to cherish. Thank you Pat and Ray for sharing. You are in my prayers.
Earl Childs (11.25.10, 10:12 AM): This brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful to be an American, and I am thankful for those that have sacrificed everything for the freedoms we are blessed to enjoy. I am forever grateful, and I will do my part as an American to always remember Mark and those that gave it all for Freedom. They are truely sanctified. Love, Faith, and Hope Always. I pray with a broken heart and contrite spirit, thankful for you and your family sacrifice, I am forever and eternally your Brother- Earl Childs, in the name of our beloved savior, Jesus Christ, Amen
JesseAnn (11.20.10, 6:28 PM): Wow, this is amazing. Mark is an amazing man, who's convictions were so strong. What a great example...
tador (11.19.10, 10:57 PM): hi love this web site
ShirleyAnn (11.17.10, 11:08 AM): I didn't know him, but this is such a beautiful illustration of not just his patriotism but his dedication to his country, thank you for sharing!
Aaron (11.17.10, 10:25 AM): Thanks for sharing, and thanks for Mark's parents for allowing this very personal detail to be shared. I won't forget it.
Michael Andrew (11.17.10, 2:48 AM): @Yvette- Thank you for visiting Yvette! I have heard so much about Danny and am so very sorry for your loss. Pat shared the beautiful poem you wrote...it is very touching. Thank you for the sacrifice of your son for our great nation- I am eternally grateful!
Yvette Duchene (11.16.10, 11:24 PM): Mark is a true American hero. His body armor flies high and proud in front of my home ALWAYS. I will never forget our heroes. They are the true warriors and patriots in my eyes. Much Love, Yvette Duchene, Gold Star Mother of SrA Daniel R. Sanchez, KIA Afghanistan, Sept. 16, 2010.
Alaina Bronson (11.16.10, 9:34 PM): He was a true patriot and exceptional Combat Controller. I had the pleasure of meeting him on numerous occasions during his Combat Controller Schooling through our Son in Law, also a Combat Controller. Mark was a true testament of a fine up bringing by his wonderful family and faith. My heart aches for his family and the loss of their beautiful son.
Cary Di Buono (11.16.10, 8:44 PM): I did not know him but this brought tears to my eyes too, Michael you are doing a very good thing for your Friend, God bless him and you too...
Tammytin (11.16.10, 2:22 PM): God bless Mark and all our soldiers. Thanks for bringing this to us Michael.
Miranda (11.16.10, 10:48 AM): Thanks, Michael. I can't wait to see the website.
Ray Lawless (11.16.10, 10:34 AM): Michael This blew me away! In a time when it seems like some Americans don't even fly the flag when they should some don't even own one........Mark however wore two while serving his country!! I literally am sitting here crying..........
Alex Rubio (11.16.10, 8:30 AM): Very touching, emotional, and inspiring.
Alexandra (11.16.10, 8:17 AM): What a touching story, brought tears to my eyes.
Tracy (11.16.10, 7:33 AM): And I thought the stories about Mark couldn't get much better. If we would all keep America that close to our heart and fight for this country, even here at home so our america, the one Mark fought for isnt taken away.
Garrett (11.16.10, 1:46 AM): Michael this is touching and inspiring, thanks for sharing.
Capt Ortiz (11.16.10, 12:53 AM): Thank you for sharing this. It really symbolizes the true patriotism that he must have felt- What a true American hero, a legacy of true valor. Thank you for keeping his memory and honor living!