Ryan DuBois (07.01.18, 10:09 AM): I just finished the book and I was blown away by Mark's story. Such a fine example he set!
Cade Womack (02.09.18, 6:09 PM): I picked up an honor the fallen band from the enlisted heritage hall at Gunter annex. I googled the name and found Mark. Needless to say i was surprised.
Greg Biggerstaff (02.08.17, 9:21 AM): I served with Mark's and Calvin's team at FB Cobra a few months after they heroically died in action. I was only out there breifly but the team thought very highly of both of them. He and Calvin left an impression on me through their team even though I never met them. As a SEC and Gators fan I say ROLL TIDE!
Rick Bennett (09.08.16, 8:43 PM): Saw some one wearing a shirt in Tacoma that had a remembrance of you, I never knew you but I can't thank you enough for the sacrifice you made for our country and my family. Thank you.
Deba (05.26.16, 4:50 PM): Thank you for your service. I am proud to be an American and proud of what you have done. I am also grateful for everyone else who serves and their family members that support them.
Al Otero (12.02.15, 5:30 AM): I know I'm really late but I just watched Mark's story on Eyewitness War. As a former Airman I always respected the Combat Controllers and Mark epitomized what I always thought a Combat Controller was. It angers me to see stories like this and makes me wish I was still serving to help the fight against evil. Mark is an American Hero and served his country proudly. Rest with God brother. May God bless the Forester family and ease their sorrow.
Joey Yokiel (03.17.15, 5:56 PM): Just watched "eyewitness war" on TV and seen Marks story. I want the family and friends of Mark to know that I appreciate his service and sacrifice. We need more like him. God bless this patriot.
Brad Terry (11.14.14, 5:34 PM): I and my family are eternally grateful for this man's service and sacrifice. If my son grows up to be half the man Mark was, I will consider myself the luckiest father in the world. God bless America and God bless Mark Forester.
Ken C (09.16.14, 7:23 PM): I am forever honered and proud to have a RM serve our country.
David (09.15.14, 11:56 PM): God bless mark and his family. We are forever grateful to you all for your sacrifice.
Spencer (09.15.14, 11:35 PM): From a fellow Alabamian, we support different schools but we fight for the same team. Thank you so much for your service and sacrifice sir. God bless you and and God bless America.
Nina (09.15.14, 9:36 PM): Thank you for protecting and fighting for the rights and freedom of this great country. True hero you are! Rest in sweet peace.
William Doherty (09.04.14, 6:30 PM): FR- not forgotten. From the 21st STS, I see your picture every day on the wall. My time in the service is coming to an end, but your actions have made an impact on me, and so many other Combat Controllers. RIP FR
TJ - Tony Johnson (09.29.13, 2:04 AM): Your not forgotten FR. RIP. We love you and miss you.
Brett Proffitt (09.02.13, 1:48 PM): I just finished watching the episode of Eyewitness War about Mark and immediatetly felt compelled to go online to see if there was a site or an address to express my deep sorrow and my extreme gratiude for the bravery, honor and sacrifice that Mark and all of our military warriors exhibit every single day. im a 49 yr old son of a Marine whos biggest regret in life is that I chose to attend college and enter the workforce instead of enlisting to protect our great country. I am a huge NFL fan and football and bowhunting are my true passion. But i must admit it absolutely offends me when i hear players and analysts refer to the millionaire athletes as warriors or going to war, or how hollywood stars are held up on pedastals. The TRUE heros are every man and women in the military who are laying their lives on the line to protect our freedom and way of life. To Marks family I want to express my sorrow in your loss, and I want to commend your son for his bravery and honor. His book will be added to my library. i wish i could shake your hands and hug you all , but all i can do is type these words..God Bless your family, I pray that God will give you a peace, and you are the family of a TRUE HERO. thank you and God Bless you every day for rest of your life.
SHAWN HARRIS (08.12.13, 6:07 PM): What a true and great American Hero.
Kenneth Howell (08.06.13, 8:14 PM): Just saw the episode of 'Eyewitness War' with Mark in it. Alrhough I didn't know him personally, I do understand part of him. When I saw that crimson baseball hat with the script letter A I beamed with pride. Mark made us Alabamians proud of his service, honor and courage. My prayers go out to his family. Roll Tide Mark.
CW4 (R) JT Snow (No Mercy 11) (02.05.13, 9:52 PM): I was the senior pilot for the unit (TF No Mercy 1-101) supporting JAG 28 at FOB Cobra and had the privilege of working with him on many missions in OEF. He was a true hero and Spec Op professional.
dedra christopher (06.30.12, 7:25 AM): mark was friends with my daughter so i knew him, he was a very sweet young man, loved him family & friends, He was a true HERO.
Brian (05.13.12, 6:55 PM): I came across his story on Crossfit.com... for some reason it tugged at me,....whether it was because I was in the military or because I was from Alabama..I do not know why. To look at his photos I see someone who enjoyed life. Thank you for your service and Roll Tide Roll!!!!
Wes Gray (05.13.12, 11:17 AM): I saw Mark on the crossfit.com website, enjoyed a motivating workout in his honor, and when I got home I searched around for his profile. Thanks for serving and my best wishes to the family. Semper Fidelis, Wes
Heath smith (04.14.12, 2:15 PM): I had the privilege of working with Mark and Thad in Haleyville when we were younger men.. Mark and I shot our bows together from time to time before hunting season and he was always happy and smiling and carrying an uplifting spirit..Very few times in life do you get to be around a person who knows what they were ment to do in life from such an early age... The entire Forester family are wonderful people ... Mark thank you brother for your sacrifice ...
Todd Pratt (04.06.12, 8:30 PM): I first saw a picture of Mark when I was looking at photos my friend Bryan posted when they served together in the AF before Mark sacrificed everything. Then I watched the Coming Home episode recognized him. I also thought, just from the pictures of Mark at his home, this guy has got to be LDS. Mark, represents all that is great in this country.
Trish Ridgeway (03.03.12, 7:41 PM): I am now watching the Coming Home show..Don't know when it first aired but I felt the need to say Rest In Peace Mark and to say thank you..You were taken from us to early. My son is a Tech Srgt in the Air Force with 14 yrs behind him..So to you Airman Mark A. Forester..I salute you. Again Thank you..
Richard R. (09.29.11, 10:07 AM): You sir, are a true hero. A man who's shoes will never be filled. I don't know you nor have I even heard of you before. You are the reason this fine country still stands proud to this day. You are the only type of true hero that should be thanked.Thank you for serving our amazing country. -Rich New York, NY
MSgt David Bentley (07.14.11, 12:05 PM): Thank you Mark for your service and the Ultimate Sacrifice you paid for this Great Nation. To the Forester family, it's a bit late, but I send my deepest sympathies. To lose a son so soon in life is a great loss. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!
Kim Ringeisen (04.27.11, 11:42 PM): The 2011 Warriors on the Water, Military Appreciation Bass Fishing Tournament has named in Honor of Mark, the 6th Annual - 2011 Big Bass Memorial Award in his name. Photos of award and winner will be posted after the even this week. Mark's image was also added to the Air Force section of this years Warriors on the Water Kick-Off Video that will be shown for the first time today. http://www.warriorsonthewater.org/article.php?story=20110427235843448 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOeIsoC8Avs In Honor of Mark and all CCTs and Service Members.
John Theiss (04.26.11, 2:07 PM): Thank you Mark and God Bless!
Kathy Lund (04.17.11, 9:42 PM): As a mother I feel so moved by Mark's story. I am not ashamed to say that I literally cried for days after the show "Coming Home" was on. Mark has touched 1000's of lives and it is only a small token that I would like to offer my friendship to his family. Thank you for sharing.
Mary E. Reynolds (04.14.11, 3:46 PM): I saw Mark's story on the TV series "Coming Home". What a great inspiring young man. His family, friends and comrades were truly blessed to have had the oportunity to know this special soul. I cry with you all over his loss. May it comfort his loved ones to know that his life and how he lived it has touched so many people. May God Bless.
John Grenawalt (04.02.11, 11:49 PM): I am a retired NYC Detective. I started my career about 90 days after this hero ......HERO........was born. I have seen a little of what evil can bring to a family after serving the front lines here in NYC for twenty years, and lost two brother/friends "fighting our war" back in the early 1980's here on the streets after serving in the USN 77-80.....proudly ! I only wish I could have met this young, tough guy, human, warrior, son, friend, ect......ect.....
Christine (04.02.11, 11:48 PM): September 29 th, we all lost one of America’s son- Mark. Your Mark is a son, brother, friend and then a Senior Airman. I have never met your son but I know now know his message that his voice will live on forever. Mark was a call sign JAG28 but he brought you Colonel Frank Latte. Both were strangers in a foreign land both working together on one mission. A life mission was for Mark to bring Frank into your Forester family. Marks voice touched a stranger who brought you a message. Peace, Love and Honor. Marks voice continues to speak on and with service man that stood with him, and are fighting now. Mark will be remembered for his greatest gift he gave all of us…his life. JAG28 is finally home
Adrian Wilamowski (04.02.11, 11:21 PM): Just saw Mark's story on Coming Home. My sincere condolences to the Forester family. Mark was a true patriot, a true warrior, and, a true American hero. Not everybody understands the type of mental, as well as, physical commitment it takes to do what Mark did. What's more, to do what Mark actually chose to do out of his love of country. I can't express how sincerely thankful I am for Mark's contributions to making this world a little bit safer for my children to grow up in. Mark's sacrifice was the ultimate, and for that, his family can be proud. Rest in peace warrior, and, Roll Tide! - A former member of VF-84 off of the Roosevelt
Mike Corrigan (03.29.11, 2:46 AM): My heart goes out to the Forester family and friends. I too graduated from the UA business school (2007), commissioned in the AF and was stationed at Lackland AFB...where Mark's CCT indoc training was held. This small world offered many opportunities for me to meet Mark, and my heart aches that I did not. This country is free because of men like Mark, as so long as we still have these brave men, we will always be free. God bless and Roll Tide Mark.
Chris Phillips (03.28.11, 2:14 PM): My wife and I watched the show last night and we were honored to share in that piece of Marks life. He was a great Warrior. We are an Army family, I serve as an EOD Technician. We are also from Alabama, Talladega County. We want to thank Mark for his service and your families sacrifice. ROLL TIDE!! GOD BLESS!!
Mary Boller (03.28.11, 1:04 PM): I saw Mark's story last night on the television show "Coming Home." I have a 22 year old son who arrived home from Afghanistan on Thursday after serving a year over there as well. Zachary is also an Airman Combat controller. I have always been so proud of my son but watching Mark's ultimate sacrifice, his love of God, family and for his country struck a chord deep in my heart. I have tried to understand that my son as well is fulfilling God's purpose for his life, seeing Mark's commitment, his love, his devotion and the devotion all had for him finally enabled my heart to be at peace that each of us, no matter what the price are doing the work we must do and that our worth is not measured in the years we spend here on earth, but rather in the number of people we touched along the way. Mark will never be forgotten, the world now knows his story and most of all the people who loved him most were touched by this wonderful young man's spirit and his belief that he had to make a difference, HE DID JUST THAT!
Senior Chief Henry E. Keas (03.28.11, 7:22 AM): I cannot fathom the pain Mark's family must feel for their loss. As a serviceman myself, I know the pride that Mark felt in his service. Thank you for your sacrifice brother, you make us proud. God bless you and your family. I hope they may find solace in the knowledge that other patriots continue to proudly serve with the memory of Mark close to our hearts.
Tracy Pruitt (03.28.11, 1:49 AM): Thank you to Mark for his ultimate sacrifice to our country and thank you, his family, for allowing his story to be heard. God Bless!
Ambre (03.28.11, 1:06 AM): What an amazing man who made so many sacrifices for our freedom. I pray that you and your family are blessed and strengthened in this time. God bless you.
Lisa Tekula (03.27.11, 11:19 PM): What an amazing man, one of many amazing men and women who have died for our Country. May god bless his family..may they be proud. Godbless you Mark...Shine on.
Kimberly Peace (03.27.11, 10:31 PM): Hearing Mark's incredible story makes my heart swell with pride. Seeing a man who loves his country and family so much is heart-warming. I would like his family to know that they will always be in my prayers and as a University of Alabama student I would like to say "Roll Tide!" to a true Alabama hero. Thank you so much to his family for raising such a wonderful and patriotic man.
Dr. Stacy B. Ellison (03.27.11, 9:25 PM): I had the distinct honor and privlege to treat military members for 22 years. It hurts when one of these heroes loses their life. My prayers go out to Mark's family. Thank you for your sacrifice.
Leisa A Johnson (03.27.11, 5:02 PM): I am so proud of Mark. My heart hurts so bad for his parents. My son Warren Cain graduated with Mark in 1999 from Haleyville High School. He remembers Mark well and says he was a very good guy which is a huge compliment for young men these days. Roll Tide!
Jennifer Turk (03.26.11, 1:21 AM): I'm looking forward to hearing Mark's story on the upcoming episode of 'Coming Home' on Sunday night on Lifetime. I am a huge Alabama fan and close to Mark's age and feel sure we might have been at the University at the same time on in the early 2000s. God Bless him and your family. Thank you for your sacrifice and Roll Tide Roll.