Kristan Lovett (05.15.18, 11:31 PM): This is my first time coming across the name Mark Foerster and within 2 mins of reading about him, I have the upmost respect for him and everyone who is apart of this foundation. My fiancee just came home from Afghanistan, he is Security Forces in the AF. I'm so thankful that he was about to come home, when plenty of those men didn't. I wish I was able to donate more than what I did. Thank you all
Thad Forester (02.26.18, 8:08 PM): Mary Walley, thank you for the donation in Bristol's name. We really appreciate him and his family's support. God Bless.
Mary Walley (02.23.18, 10:42 AM): I am making this donation in honor of another great man- Bristol Haughton, haileyville, Alabama
Thad Forester (08.02.15, 3:05 PM): Shawn, thank you for wanting to support. There are only a few items for online purchase. Currently the most recent post on this web site shows the new JAG 28 shirts. They are also on The MFF Facebook page. Thanks for all the comments about Mark as well as his biography.
Sandra Lanningham (02.21.14, 7:56 PM): I. Absolutely love this book, so happy to have bought it, everyone should read it, their is know greater service then to lay down your life for another human life, I could never think you enough for your service #A true American Hero.
Jerri Campbell (12.11.13, 5:27 PM): This book is amazing, it's touch me more than I could ever imagined it would, thanks for telling Mark story and I highly reccommend very citizen read it to know what sacrifices are made for our freedom, and the price paid by men and women like Mark and his family....GOD bless U and all our military...thank u again for sharing his legacy
Shawn (09.06.13, 4:45 PM): Is there any merchandise available to purchase online to support the foundation?
Tyler (10.22.11, 9:07 PM): I've only heard stories about you Mark, but I am fully looking up to heroes like you and other controllers that defend this country with their lives as I go through the CCT pipeline my self. May you rest in peace my brother Hoo-yah!
MSgt David Bentley (07.14.11, 12:24 PM): Mark Forester I did not have the honor of knowing you either, but we share a love for this Great Nation. I too am from Haleyville and attended Haleyville High School 1979 - 1983. I can only honor your memory and the others who have gone before me. May God bless all of you who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend our FREEDOM !! I am a proud member of the 134th ARW, TNANG.
Tiffany (05.29.11, 9:21 PM): Mark Forester I did not have the honor of knowing you, but we share a friend in George Earhart. I can only imagine the caliber of your person, from reading this website, and knowing how fondly George thinks of you. On this Memorial Day weekend, I honor your memory and the many others who have gone before me. May God bless all those who have sacrificed!
Leah Tinker (05.06.11, 3:37 PM): Hey james, yes the race is still on! :)
James Jenkins (05.01.11, 11:40 PM): Due to recent events in our state, is the race still being held on the 14th? Thanks and God Bless
adriana (04.27.11, 11:55 PM): wow mark i hope u rip
Adriana (04.27.11, 11:53 PM): Wow he did all that he must have been a brave man 2 do all that also rip MARK I LOVE U
Katlin (02.07.11, 10:31 AM): I think that this is an amazing thing! This will benefit so many people. What a wonderful way to remember Mark. He would be so honored to hear about this.