Ron Rokes (07.29.11, 6:59 PM): Lt. Col Latt is a great man. My son serves in his squadron (VMFA 312). My wife and I had the honor of meeting him. We could not ask for a better role model for our son.
John Moorefield (04.15.11, 12:23 PM): We few,we happy few,we Band of Brothers,for he who sheds his blood with me this day,Shall be my Brother.Tears for Mark,Salute to Lt.Col Latt. Semper FI !!!
Vicki Johnson (03.28.11, 9:05 AM): Lt. Col. Frank Latt you are great man of integrity and human kindness. You showed a galant side of yourself in taking the flag that was in your cockpit with you on the last day of Mark Forester's life back home to his family. I see you as a hero too as you brought great peace to the Forester family that they may never had known. I commend you for this and for proudly serving our country in securing our freedom. I salute you for your sincere kindness and bravery!! THANK YOU!!
Libby (03.27.11, 10:41 PM): Just watched the show "Coming Home" with Frank & Mark's family. We are blessed to have soldiers of this character serving our country.These are men of great honor. I am very grateful to these soldiers.
Caroline Sprayberry (02.05.11, 5:16 PM): Love this post! What an amazing story that shows the bond that these guys have! Amazing!
Mama (01.31.11, 11:32 AM): Frank is a great man and for him to arrange the flyover for Mark speaks to his abilites to get things done. It also testifies to me of the greatness of his character. He just wanted to honor Mark and our family which he did more than we ever imagined. Frank and Mark had so much about their character in common. Both are larger than life. We love you Frank for all you have done for Mark and us.