Jessica Shaffer (03.23.11, 12:52 AM): I am really glad that I can add a peice of heart through this art for everyone. I have made a few memorial photos because I have the biggest heart and it bleeds when something happens. I was in Afghanistan in 2007-2008 and 2009 now will be going to Iraq next month. There is and can never be a price on memory and meaning! THats what this picture is, so if anyone would like this one or if you have any ideas for one let me know and I will create more. The quote shown is a quote that many of our guys say and live by, it just seemed so appropriate that it looks like Mark and Calvin are in the heavens watching down over their fellow brothers heading out as they say that saying in there minds....God please watch our guard our guys...prayers to heaven and may all thee watch over us and protect us.
Jeff Hogan (03.13.11, 8:26 AM): Mark was and will always be the best Man I ever knew. I'm so proud of you Mark. I promise I will carry your memory with me everyday I am blessed to walk this earth. I only hope I can be half the Man you always we're.
Wayne Lowman (03.06.11, 11:07 PM): This is a wonderful picture that truly depicts two heroes. I had the honor, as a member of the Patriot Guard, to participate in SFC Calvin Harrison’s funeral in Coldspring, Texas. It was only the next day that I found out that he and Mark were together when both gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Calvin, like Mark was a special human being and was loved by everyone in his community. If it is possible to purchase a print of this picture please post information. Wayne Lowman
Rozlynn (03.02.11, 11:27 AM): I love this picture. As we have learned more about Calvin, we have learned he was also an exceptional man who strived for excellence. Great picture.
Pat Forester (02.22.11, 7:26 AM): Thanks, Ryan for this beautiful piece of photography. I'm so grateful to you for remembering my son and Calvin with this beautiful piece of art. You are truly an artist. I plan on having a picture of this hanging in our home very soon. Love, Pat