Chris Koerner (05.13.11, 9:52 AM): Sorry I registered late but I'll be there tomorrow.
Thad (05.11.11, 12:00 PM): Yes, the walk is still taking place. We look forward to this event and to having so many of you join us. If you can't come this year, it will be held every year as long as I live.
Leah Tinker (05.03.11, 7:41 PM): I Love this! :) I can't wait for next weekend! It's going to be such a special day for everyone there! We love you mark!
Tammy (05.03.11, 2:30 PM): Due to recent events of April 27th, in our state, is the Memorial Birthday 30-mile walk still taking place May 14th 2011? Thanks
lorin k (05.01.11, 3:16 PM): I just stumbled on mark when doing a seach of mormon and location. I to was a USAF senior airman and latter in life, became a member of the church. I worked as a helicopter mechanic aka "crew chief". I made a request on the web site if anyone knew mark. A reply did come back and knows your family. Sorry to see you loose your son. I can only imagine the pain you have gone though, but also, this web site is a wonderful contribution to his life. A aircombat control is a interesting job and hope he did his job well. I never had the experience working over seas but If I did, it would have been as a flying crew chief on the Sikorsky Pavlow helicopters If I stayed in the service.
Alaina (04.20.11, 9:01 PM): Heading down from Kentucky to honor a wonderful Combat Controller. Looking forward to linking up with Marks unit and running along side them. Had the pleasure of meeting Mark several times through our son in law, also a CCT. Think of your family often~Alaina in Ky
Jennifer (04.18.11, 11:06 PM): My 11 year old is so touched by your son, brother and friend. He has wrote all his stats down and carries this paper faithfully. We have signs all over our house remembering your brave airman that we never had a chance to meet. We will have Mark and your family in our hearts.
Thad (04.14.11, 7:44 AM): Nightwalker, thanks for walking in NC. We will all be united for one purpose. And we look forward to having the Air National Guard there as well.
nightwalker571 (04.02.11, 11:28 PM): Can't be there in person but as a shadow walker for Mark starting at Newfound Gap, NC
SSgt M. Bailey (03.31.11, 9:33 PM): As a memer of the Alabama Air National Guard I can say that we would be honored to be included in a walk that honors a hero and a brother from our state.
Caroline Sprayberry (03.07.11, 11:06 PM): I am so glad that Chris is going to beable to participate in the walk! He even joined the gym to get in shape! HAHA!
Rozlynn (03.02.11, 11:17 AM): The 30 mile walk will be a great walk. The walk will be scenic and take you by some key spots and plus you get to walk through Mark's home town. I am excited for this!