Stephanie H (04.02.11, 10:43 PM): Watching the show as I'm typing my "comment". The tears are literally pouring out and my heart aches. I thank God for people like Mark - and his parents for raising a wonderful person. God Bless you all and may you know that he is above and watching and looking over each and everyday until your happy reunion in paradise.
brandi jo greer (03.30.11, 7:42 PM): An American Hero,who I have the uttmost respect for.A man who fought for his country,and passed awayed protecting his fellow man.I feel like hes apart of me now,just another guardian angel who is watching over me.Im writting this because I have a realitive in the U.S. Air Force,so i can totally relate to all the stories.Marks story touched my life,and impacted it as well.In every picture of him ,he was smiling.Im proud of him.MAY GOD BLESS HIS FAMILY.AND REMEMBER THAT mARK IS WATCHING OVER US NOW.HE PASSED AWAY WITH DIGINITY,HONOR AND PRIDE. SENIOR AIRMAN MARK FORESTER,MY HAT GOES OFF TO YOU...LOVE U ALWAYS...
deena h (03.29.11, 11:49 AM): To Mark: Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. Thank you is not enough. To Marks parents I thank you for giving Mark to us as a nation, he sacraficed his life to protect our freedom. And for that I thank you. May you find comfort in his memory.
Jeff K (03.28.11, 10:33 AM): Thank you to Mark (whom I've never met...on this side of eternity) for his dedication and sacrifice for our country. May God bless the Forester family. Thank you to those who spent the time to set up this dedication / memorial to Mark. War Eagle and, for Mark, "Roll Tide." Jeff
Crystal (03.27.11, 10:06 PM): Just want to say, THANK you Mark for all your hard work and dedication. You are missed and LOVED! You are a HERO...may GOD bless you and your family.
Alex G (03.27.11, 9:29 PM): Thanks for sharing this, and God bless you all. If only all of us could give just a part of what Mark gave. God bless
Diana (03.27.11, 9:25 PM): You're family will always be in my heart, thoughts and prayers. I don't know Mark, never met him but I can tell he was an wonderful man. God bless your family.
Tanya H (03.27.11, 7:34 PM): God bless you and your family. Mark is an American Hero!!
Terri (03.26.11, 3:04 PM): This is to much to take! How do we ever accept this?!!
Sha Cooper (03.26.11, 12:22 PM): What an awesome tribute to a true here....well deserved....R.I.P Mark
Leah Tinker (03.25.11, 11:42 PM): YESSSS!!! That song & those words are my favorite part of this video, besides the pictures of Mark- of course! I watch this slide show everyday! They did an amazing job putting this together, especially so soon after Mark's death. I love it! :) I miss and LOVE you bunches Marky!! XOXO