Brad (04.03.11, 3:20 PM): Mr and Mrs Forester and family, I just saw the story on your son Mark. I want to extend my condolences and to thank you for sharing. Thank you for your continued support for our military. Mark will always be a true American hero, I thank Mark for his service and sacrifice. I am a Navy Veteran and am proud to have served our country. God Bless you and your family. Brad
Jennifer Swaner (03.31.11, 1:01 PM): I learned about Mark on a television show. His story is remarkable and I wish that I could have known him. He appears to have been a truly wonderful person. His family and loved ones will always be in my heart. Thank you for sharing his story.
melba (03.31.11, 12:23 PM): God be with each of you. I truely know what you are feeling. Mark is a true blessing to each of us that have lost and others have come home. I also admire the Marine to come forward and tell you what he meant to not only him, but to AMERICA. Thank you for raising such a wonderful Son
Jessica Shaffer (03.30.11, 10:04 PM): God Bless your family! To have a family like yours would be an amazing thing. To have the support and love that you show makes a heart grow ten times over. In times of loss and sorrow it makes us think and it also shows us that there are caring loving people out there that support and love what Soldiers do and sacrifice. Thankyou for the great family that you are.
Amanda Vore (03.30.11, 9:32 AM): I also didn't know your son, Mark, but I wanted you to know that he died trying to save my friend Calvin. I went to school with Calvin and grew up in the same town as he did. I watched the "Coming Home" special on Lifetime and wanted to say thank you for allowing your son's story to be told. Because you did this, a lot of people had their questions answered. We did not know the exact details, until that episode, of what exactly happened to Calvin when he died. Now we do. Even though it's hard it does give people a sense of closure. I, personally, am greatful for your son's sacrafice and Calvin's. I will never be able to put in to words just how greatful. Just please know that he was a gift to this world and that when he died trying to save Calvin, he died trying to save a good man. Thank you.
Lori Chatham (03.30.11, 8:11 AM): To the Forester Family, I didn't know Mark I saw his story on Coming Home and it touched my heart like nothing else ever has. Mark was simply an amazing man and a true hero. Ive told his story and showed his pics to everyone I know. You and Mark are in my prayers everyday, I only wish I could of had the honor to have met Mark. God Bless you all, God Bless Mark, bless all the men and women serving our country and God bless America.
Jess Howard (03.30.11, 4:31 AM): To the Forester family, I'm not even sure where to begin. I didn't know Mark on a personal level but after watching Coming Home, I sure wish I had. He is an inspiration to me and I have been praying for your family and for Mark for the past 2 days. I will continue to do so. Mark is an American Hero and will always be remembered as one not only by me but by everyone. Thank you Mark for protecting our freedom, may God hold you in his arms and comfort your family. Again, thank you, it is because of you that my family and my children sleep at night being free. God Bless.
Sgt john Gordon (03.30.11, 4:04 AM): As a Marine Viet Nam vet who has lost alot of family ! I can not say enough to all that are serving ! I Promise you this that whenever I can I will greet you , Salute you and Thank you when and wherever I see you ! My Wife , Daughter and I , All former Marines thank YOU for Your Service for us ! To Our Grandson Proud Yes , Worried and afraid YES ! Be safe sailor and Your Grandparents Love ya Joe!
CCT Charlie November (03.29.11, 1:45 AM): Thoughts and Prayers for Mark and the Forester Family. Salute!
Lainey (03.28.11, 9:27 PM): Dear Mark (a man I have never met but feel like I already know), your heroism and bravery will truly never be forgotten! You truly are the stuff legends are made of! Eternally grateful, Lainey (and RTR)
William smith us army (03.28.11, 8:41 PM): God bless mark and his unit for their service to our country and for fighting for our freedom. mark is a true heroe. shall we never forget his sacrifice. may our prayers and thoughts be with his family everyday.
OSCAR D. MANN (03.28.11, 5:19 PM): Ray, Pat and family may the Grace of God be with you in you time of grief. We are so sorry to here of Mark's death. The men and women of our armed forces are not appreciated enough for the danger they face each day. May God Bless.
Terri (03.28.11, 5:15 PM): Belinda, I am Mark's sister and even though you didn't know Mark, I just want you to know how totally right you are about Mark and football. He LOVED Alabama Football. Thanks so much for all of your comments. We ,as a family, appreciate all of the support we have gotten.
Belinda Anderson (03.28.11, 4:41 PM): To the family of Mark Forester, I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious son. I watched the episode of Coming home last night, and I was so proud of him and his family. Your son died protecting me and my family. I pray for soldiers and their families all the time. I am proud that they choose to do what they do because they want to. Please know I will keep you in my prayers. I can not begin to imagine the hurt in your heart. But I know how proud you are of Mark and what he did for his Country. Mark is in Heaven with Jesus and I just bet he is making friends with everyone. One of the first things I noticed about him was he was a Bama fan, as a LSU fan, I notice things like that. LOL. I bet he has already made friends with lots of SEC people and they are just sitting around waiting for College football to start. GEAUX TIGERS and ROLL TIDE
Lara Meier (03.28.11, 3:36 PM): I am so grateful to Mark and your family. I want you to know your family is in my prayers. I am so thankful to know that families are forever, I know you know this also, I imagine that does not help the pain or make it any easier... but please know. You are all loved and appreciated. Thank you again for your sacrafice.
Roxana (03.28.11, 2:40 PM): What a truly inspiring story of love of not only family, but of country and the people that loved Mark. I was deeply impressed by "Frank" and wanting to take that walk to present the family with the flag. Mr. & Mrs. Forester and Mark's brother, how blessed you were to have someone so special. I will never forgert this trully amazing story. Thank you for sharing it. God Bless you, Mark and the USA
Chris Phillips (03.28.11, 1:40 PM): My wife and I watched "Coming Home" last night and were honored to have done so. Your son truly was one of the greats. As a military family, I am a SFC in Army EOD, we are thankful for the service of your son and his sacrifice. God Bless Your Family.
EG (03.28.11, 10:29 AM): To the Forester Family, I would like to express my sincerest condolences for the loss of your son Mark. I watched Coming Home last night and have to say, for people who didn't know your son, they did a wonderful job bringing his spirit to television. The world clearly lost a wonderful man back in September, and we as Americans owe him much thanks and gratitude. Families that have gone through this are not forgotten either, thank you for bringing such a special person into the world and molding him into such a self-sacrificing man. From an Army wife, I truly thank you for your son's sacrifice, and your own. May God bless you, Mark, and the rest of your family.
Vicki Johnson (03.28.11, 8:39 AM): I am a proud patriot and fly our American flag with dignity and honor! After watching "Coming Home," I felt the need to express my condolences to the Forester family. I am so proud of Mark and what he has done for our country. I take great pride in knowing that he gave his all in doing what he wanted to - Serve His Country!! As a parent of two sons, I could not even imagine the great loss your family must feel. However, please know his life was not lost in vain, but rather he died with great honor in protecting his fellow commrades! He believed in what he was doing and that means a lot to me as every day I say prayers for all those soldiers who are out there somewhere in the world fighting for our freedom at all costs! Sadly it cost us a great and honorable soldier!! My prayer is that peace will some day prevail and no mother, father, wife, husband, or child will have to suffer the loss you have had to endure!! Prayers and peace to the Forester family and to Lt. Col Latt who showed a commendable side of himself in wanting to bring home to the Forest family the flag that was with him on that day that Mark was lost to the world. I am a proud patriot and honor Mark!
Joyce Wagoner (03.28.11, 7:45 AM): Last night I watched the story of Mark Forester and Colonel Latt on Coming Home and my heart ached for Mark's parents and family. Even though I did not know Mark personally, I felt as if I did after watching his story. As a parent, I can't imagine the turmoil you have been through but I pray you find peace in knowing so many individuals, including myself, are amazed by the heroism and love for America displayed by your son. May God be with you and your family. By the way, loved the video of him riding the little motorcyle while mom was filming.
elaine gumienny (03.28.11, 7:26 AM): sometimes words like thank you just aren't enough...for such a great sacrifice..saw Coming Home & read your touched my heart profoundly...I grieved for your are a true hero...Rest in Peace Mark & God bless your family...and all those serving for our country making the ultimate sacrifice ..E A Gumienny
Terri Hicks (03.28.11, 12:53 AM): Dear Brother and Sister Forester, I was unable to sleep tonight and turned on Coming Home at 10 p.m. My son is Army EOD and I want to tell you that I am blessed to have seen Marks story, to see an honorable young man give his life for others. Thank you for sharing such a difficult and remarkable story. May our Father Bless and Keep You and Yours, with love.
Joseph Gulledge (03.28.11, 12:49 AM): Just saw the episode of Coming Home. Mark, you are a true American, and an example to all service members. Fair Winds and Following Seas! To Colonel Latt, sir you are an outstanding officer to do what you did. I'm proud to be serving with you in the finest sea combat team there is! Very respectfully, Joseph Gulledge LTJG. USN
Joseph Gulledge (03.28.11, 12:48 AM): Just saw the episode of Coming Home. Mark, you are a true American, and an example to all service members. Fair Winds and Following Seas! To Colonel Latt, sir you are an outstanding officer to do what you did. I'm proud to be serving with you in the finest sea combat team there is! Very respectfully, Joseph Gulledge LTJG. USN
Deborah Gallegos (03.27.11, 11:38 PM): Mark is a true American hero! He is a legend. He is a blessing to us all. Thank you also Frank for you too are a true American hero. May God Bless you in your journeys.
Lu (03.27.11, 11:03 PM): I was impressed by the show. I am a lds military wife who prays I never have to endure what you all must be going through in losing your son. After reading about your sons life, I can see why he is so loved, cherished, and obviously will never be forgotten. I pray that my son of 8 years can find the strength and integrity to live a life as courageous as your son has and that my daughters someday will be blessed to find a young man with such character to spend eternity with.
Libby (03.27.11, 10:50 PM): Just watched the show "Coming Home" with Frank & Mark's family. We are blessed to have soldiers of this character serving our country.These are men of great honor. I am very grateful to these soldiers and all of our country's servicemen & women.I am proud of YOU & proud to be an American.
Erin Franklin (03.27.11, 10:19 PM): I just watched the Lifetime show 'Coming 'Home'...what an amazing story of an amazing man. I am proud to now know the story of this AMERICAN HERO. As a mother of 7, I couldn't imagine losing a son & I commend Mark's parents for their strength & sacrifice for our country. GOD BLESS YOU MARK A. FORESTER & THE FORESTER FAMILY. GOD BLESS PILOT FRANK also for blessing Mark's familly the way he did.
Tracey (03.27.11, 10:15 PM): I just watched the lifetime show about this courageous young man. I want to send prayers out to the family and for Mark to rest in peace. I am so thankful that he fought for my family as I am the mother of three...God Bless your son! I pray that you find peace as your son is a hero and he is a true blessing!
Candice Donkel (03.27.11, 10:14 PM): I can not put into words how grateful my family and I are for the sacrifice Mark made. There is no greater sacrifice and mark will forever be a hero for what he did and has done. Being an active duty military spouse and from Alabama myself I have to say you have made us all proud and for you Mark I want to say Thank You and ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!
Janaka (03.27.11, 10:09 PM): Just got to know about this brave man in a Lifetime TV channel program. May God continue to give the strength for Mark's family on this great loss. Life goes on but Mark, we all now know how great you are and all other US military team. Thanks to the other gentleman who flew thousands of miles to honor Mark...
Sheila Greer (03.27.11, 10:09 PM): I just watched the show Coming Home with Mark's family on it. My Daughter is a Captian in the US Air Force reserves serving as a in flight critical care Nurse practioner and I am so sorry for your loss. You are a wonderful, close family and showed great strenght in the show. Your son is a Hero and will live in my memories even though I never met him. God bless his family, friends and all that knew and Loved him.
Lynda Givens (03.27.11, 10:07 PM): To all the Men & Women...Past, Present & Future that have & will sacrifice so much for our freedom. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I shall forever keep all of you in my prayers and know that there is a place for all of you in my heart.
Cindy (03.27.11, 10:06 PM): Just saw the episode of Coming Home about Mark. As a fellow airman I am thankful for what Mark did for this country. It's always hard to lose a fellow airman. Thank you Mark for making the ULTIMATE sacrifice for this wonderful country of ours!! God Bless you Mr and Mrs Forester. Prayers from Wyoming.
alexa (03.27.11, 10:04 PM): What a wonderful young man. My two nephews just got back in November. One of them got 2 purple hearts.....not exactly the award we want for them.....I hope your family can continue to live life fullly.....he would not want anything less.
Mark Williams (03.27.11, 10:03 PM): Dear Mr. and Mrs. Forester, I saw the profile on Mark on Coming Home and just wanted to send you a note of condolence and to thank you for your sacrifice and for Mark's service and sacrifice. May God bless you all and keep you. Mark A. Williams
heather (03.27.11, 10:01 PM): i just watched the COMING HOME episode and it showed the guy who came to meet your parents. Thankyou so much for what you did. i can't thankoyu enough mark. Rest In Peace and thankyou again :-)
Alex Mann (03.27.11, 8:47 PM): May you all know how much you are appreciated for what you do for those of us who reap the benefit of what it is that you do do! USA USA USA USA!!!!