William Suclupe (04.20.11, 8:01 AM): It was truly an honor to receive “The Mark Forester Memorial Award for Excellence.” I didn’t know Mark personally but any service member can tell you that it is always difficult to hear about the loss of a brother or sister in arms. After meeting the Forester family and hearing the stories of Mark’s life, I could only come away with the conclusion, that it is men like Mark that really make this country great. I send my thoughts and prayers to the Forester family and I will be sure to aspire and continue to carry on Mark’s legacy at the University of Alabama. Mark, thank you for your service and we will never forget.
Lori Chatham (04.19.11, 1:09 AM): So glad to see what the award was renamed in honor of Mark. From what Ive read he was very dedicated to the University of AL Im sure this would make him so proud. Mr and Mrs Forester I cant imagine how proud you and the Forester Family must be. God Bless you all.