James (05.01.11, 8:18 PM): Forester family I would like to say thank you for your sons service. My brother was a friend of Marks but I never had the honor of meeting him. I will however be taking a leave of absence from work to come up and participate in the activities on the 14. I feel very blessed that I will be able to attend and be apart of something that is so much bigger than all of us that has come from the tragedy. I view marks website everyday and use it to help me get motivated and remind me my daily challenges are nothing and remind me what a great place we live in that a young man such as Mark spent his life in service to the lord and our country. Thank you Forester family from the bottom of my heart. May the good lord bless and keep you.
Lori Chatham (05.01.11, 3:46 PM): Its my honor and privilege Mrs. Forester. I'll leave a post here as May 21st gets closer letting you know exactly what time we'll be getting to Haleyville. Its a 4 and a half hr drive so I'm thinking itll be early afternoon but I'll let you know for sure. May the Grace & Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.
Pat Forester (05.01.11, 1:03 PM): Lori, we are so touched that you want to drive this far to give honor to Mark. It is our family that is grateful for your patriotism and respect for those that shed their blood for freedoms of other people.
Lori Chatham (04.30.11, 11:06 PM): Mrs Forester, my fellow dispathers and myself realized Sunday isnt the most convient day to visit so we will be coming on Saturday May 21st. instead. We are looking very forward to meeting you as well. I hope this day will be a little easier for you mame. We get off work that morning at 7am and probabily be leaving GA about 10am our time. I will leave a post here as the date draws closer to give the exact times mame. Thank you again for being so kind to us.
Pat Forester (04.30.11, 9:01 PM): Lori we are looking forward to meeting you but we will not be back from church until about 1:00 or so. Let us know what time you think you will be here.
Lori Chatham (04.29.11, 10:02 PM): That's a great pic, thanks for sharing it with us. I wish I could have made it to Haleyville for the sunrise service but our Dept of dispatchers are still planning our trip there on May 22nd to pay our respects to a Mark and the Forester Family. God Bless you all.