JFrench (06.27.11, 1:05 PM): As usual, I'm constantly moved by all the things you guys share about Mark & your family. I can just see your Mom & Dad..watering the sod. Why? Because that's THEIR baby boy and he always will be...as a dad I fully understand. I don't think a day has passed that I haven't thought about your family in hopes that some relief finds its way to you all. With Independence Day near, we should all remember that EVERY freedom we enjoy comes at a very high price...thank you JAG28 and may God bless your wonderful & inspiring family.
Peter (06.25.11, 10:38 PM): Amberly and I came by last time we were in Haleyville a couple weeks ago. It is so nice. We even picked up a few bracelets. We love and miss all you guys.