Tandra Key (12.19.15, 10:59 PM): For one, this impacted me to contribute to “Honor Our Hero’s using the day of the 19thi, to comment, in relation, to my rights protected at age 19 . Also as a female who has the blessing to live my life in the way I want. I appreciate the right to have rights that other women in Afghanistan don’t. It’s sad how individuals don’t have the freedoms we do as Americans. May God, bless Mark or any military men and women and continue to impact blessing others.
Amanda Condon (12.14.15, 9:44 PM): God bless you. Never Forgotten!
Alex (09.15.14, 11:40 PM): Thank you Mark - it's thanks to people like you that this country is worth fighting for. I don't believe in much, but I do believe in guys like you. Thank you, God bless your family and friends.
Jessica (08.04.14, 1:34 AM): I was a Girl Scout for 13 years from Kindergarten to graduation. I learned early on about the importance of giving back to my community. As a 5th grader I earned my Junior Bronze Award - my troop hosted a workshop for the other scouts, both Boy & Girl, to honor our military members. As an Ambassador Scout in 12th grade, I took my passion for animals and horses, combined it with my love of scouting and incorporated my respect for the military to create a project for earning Girl Scout’s highest award - The Gold Award. Under the “Horses for Heroes” program at “SpiritHorse Liberty”, a therapeutic horse riding center, veterans and local heroes (fire/ems/police) receive free therapy. I created a brochure describing the program and distributed it while informing the heroes in my community that this program exists and they are eligible to receive their services or to volunteer. I also organized an Open House Meet & Greet for them to come out and meet the staff and the horses. As a college student at Texas A&M University Galveston, I continue to honor the military. I am currently taking a course where we interview and record veterans and their "war" stories. The veterans of the "great wars" are dying of at significant rates. Soon their voices will be no longer. By recording their stories, they will forever be preserved! Both my parents, several uncles and cousins are all military veterans. This is my way of giving back!!!
David (12.15.12, 5:15 PM): A little over a year ago, I was able to listen to Thad Forester talk about his brother Mark, and challenge us in the audience to find a way to Honor the Heroes. It was a moving speech and one that has stuck with me since that time. In June of last year, my company (www.rockymountainmattress.com) was able to partner with The Mark Forester Foundation, to begin a "Honor The Heroes" scholarship contest. On Monday, we will announce the first of what I hope will be many essay winners and write a check to the winner's school of choice for $1000 towards tuition and books! I just wanted to let Thad know how much I appreciate the work he and the rest of the foundation do. You are truly out inspiring others to do worthwhile things. Keep on keeping on.
thomas larez (12.10.12, 1:24 PM): i thank you Mark for your courageous act to fight for our freedom and give me the opportunity to live, God BLESS
Thad (05.22.12, 9:17 PM): Walked 31 miles to honor Mark on Saturday, along with many of his teammates and other heroes. This is another way to Honor the Heroes
David (03.01.12, 12:35 PM): My name is Dave, I am 22 and was working the last three years trying to be a civilian firefighter. I am the son of two ex-army soldiers, one of them being 100% disabled. I stumbled across through the channels once, and landed on "Coming Home". The one with SrA Forester. I was so amazed and impressed with the story, it led to looking up other videos of SrA Forester and other CCT's for that matter. What these guys do is amazing. Its because of them, that I have the freedom to test for the Fire Dept. and chase that profession. Its an amazing feeling. It is the reason I have switched and am working very hard to become a CCT now. It is very safe to say that, that is because of SrA. Mark Forester. He is my hero and I have never met him. I have watched and veiwed all of the pics and videos on this page. Him and his team always look happy doing what they do, and I WILL be a part of it. Thank you Mark. David Christman
Thad (02.08.12, 6:12 AM): I'll be participating in Tough Mudder this weekend as a way to honor the heroes. I figure I can put myself thru a little pain to show some appreciation. When it gets tough, I'll just think of Mark, or Bobby, or George, or Matt, or Johnnie, or Ish, or Rob, or many others. This is nothing compared to what they go thru.
Rozlynn (02.06.12, 11:38 PM): Here is the link to Soldiers' Angels... www.soldiersangels.org/
Rozlynn (02.06.12, 11:25 PM): I am honoring the heroes by joining an organization called Soldiers Angels where we work to support those serving our country and also reaches out to families of our servicemen and women. An incredible organization!
Kathy Bartholomew (11.11.11, 3:16 PM): I hugged and wept with a navy man today when I told him of your story. Also, filled Christmas stockings for 7 servicemen in Afghanistan. Hung our flag and counted the impressive number of flags out.
Brooke Bartholomew (11.11.11, 2:36 PM): Today Steve and I stopped an 80 year old veteran on the sidewalk and told him through tears how grateful we are to him and his service. That is how we honored the heroes today.
Rozlynn (11.10.11, 8:58 PM): Thad and I were given the privilege and honor of traveling to Utah this past weekend where Thad had the opportunity to speak about Mark and how to remember the heroes. I was so proud to be apart of these events as I watched Thad do his part to remember the heroes by not only speaking about his brother and best friend Mark but also Mark's fellow teammates. Through his four presentations we met heroes who have served our country with honor, we met those who were working hard to do their part to remember the heroes by creating a program called "Hiring The Heroes", where they work to find jobs for our vets. We were touched by those who went out of their way to come listen to Thad and how by just being there they were honoring the heroes and honoring Mark, making sure he and his comrades are never forgotten. Working with Brian Garrett and my brother-in-law Steve Bartholomew who made this all happen, we saw first hand how truly caring and having a desire to honor and remember always the heroes can make magic happen and we thank you deeply from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts. For me honoring the heroes means, never letting people forget about Mark and the man he was and is and thanking those that get to come home from their service. It means hanging that flag in front of our home with pride and passing that awakened love of country and love of uncle Mark onto my future children, so that they can pass that love on to their children. To all those who have died as heroes and all those that have come home as heroes, I honor you and am eternally indebted to you. Happy Veterans Day!
Julie Edgin (11.07.11, 11:01 PM): Since Mark's death I have tried to make a more conscious effort to thank military men and women for serving our country. Tonight, as I listened to Mark's brother Thad speak, I was reminded that Mark was a man who not only knew his God-given mission and purpose in life, but also fulfilled it. For me, I think the best way I can and will honor Mark and all the other heroes is by doing the same thing- fulfill the purpose of my own life- and do what God put me here on this earth to do.