Toni Sleme (05.30.12, 4:25 PM): After hearing about your son today I was very interested to see his web page and learn more about him. What a wonderful young man ...a true hero! I loved the pictures and can feel how proud you are of him (rightfully so!) Thank you for sharing his story!
AFWife (05.28.12, 4:30 PM): Prayers to Marks family on this day of remembrance. What a brave and courageous man you will forever be remembered!
Major (Ret) Jim Landers (05.28.12, 3:23 PM): Thought of Mark a lot today. Thanks to Mark and all the others that made the Ultimate sacrifice. Roll Tide Mark from Tuscaloosa and The University of Alabama.
Tyler Knight (05.28.12, 2:22 PM): Thank You Mark Thank You
Rozlynn (02.06.12, 11:33 PM): It is impressive to see our servicemen and women and their families being honored In the way they are. It is always nice to see such great patriotism. Thank you!
Chuck Palmer (02.04.12, 10:35 PM): I wish to thank you for posting this meeting with our family and CPL Porta. It was a wonderful time with this young man and we are proud to say that our son, USMC Cpl Chrales O Palmer II, served with him. We are so looking forward to meeting all of you when you come out in May. God Bless.
Shelli Prosser (01.30.12, 3:59 PM): We are looking forward to the opportunity to show the Forester family how Manteca, California honors our warriors and fallen heroes. Mark Forester is never forgotten.