Caroline Sprayberry (02.16.12, 10:30 PM): So good! We all know he most definitely did have the time of his life!
Vicky (01.23.12, 7:59 AM): What a wonderful tribute. What a life and his service is appreciated. Prayers to your family.
Jim Landers (01.18.12, 1:20 PM): Mr. and Mrs. Forester I wish I could have gotten to know Mark during my time in the USAF. I think of him almost daily on my walks here on campus. I can only pray my two sons can understand the meaning of his sacrifice and yours. They'll come a day, when I think they can understand, we'll visit Mark in Haleyville and I'll tell them his story. God bless Jim Landers, Major (Ret), USAF from Russellville AL