Eric Welsh (06.11.12, 1:50 PM): It is a great honor to serve next to brave men and women as an airmen. Thank you Mark for your service and your sacrifice will never be forgotten.
Johnny Poulsen (05.26.12, 9:54 AM): Mark - I'm especially thinking about you at the start of this Memorial Day weekend. It was an honor to know you and a blessing to live in country where so many have given the ultimate sacrifice. Our love and prayers are with your family.
Macxster (05.23.12, 10:34 PM): Thank You Mark for your Service and Sacrifice. Senior Airman Morales 55th SRW (1985-88)
Misty Jones (05.22.12, 6:39 PM): My family absolutely loves attending the Price of Freedom race. We love what it stands for and we wouldn't dream of missing it. See ya'll next year.
Mark Wakefield (05.22.12, 3:18 PM): Enjoyed the experience..I'll be there next year!
James Cheek (05.22.12, 2:16 PM): God bless Mark A. Forestor. thanks for everyone that came for Mark's event the Price of Freedom. Thanks to his brother and family. God bless
Jeff Becker (05.22.12, 12:59 AM): I enjoyed the Sweat,Blisters,heat,Pain all for God and SRA Mark. A. Forester...It was great to go back to my hometown of haleyville alabama and the fellowship of everyone there at the race... Godbless you all and take care ...hope to see you all next year 2013 Rocksteady....
Lauren Tinker (05.21.12, 11:20 PM): Thanks to all the runners! The race was awesome! Hope to see everyone next year! Love you all!