Betty Farris (04.17.13, 4:19 PM): This is awesome.
Emily (03.10.13, 1:50 AM): I participated last year with my big brother who was a teammate of Mark's. I'm stationed back in Hawaii now so I can't make it this year. I will be registering for the event any way. I am completing the 32 miles on my own out here. A few weeks later I will be leaving for Afghanistan. I hope that I can be as brave as Mark. God Bless America.
Momma (02.20.13, 12:21 PM): This is a passion of Thad's. He and Mark were such good buddies and he misses him so much. Thank all of you that join him in this birthday walk. Our family loves and appreciates all you do in honor of Mark.
Tracy (02.14.13, 8:40 PM): I'm so excited!