Pat Forester (06.07.13, 11:44 PM): From what little I've found out about the Tuscoloosa Track Club posting the results of Mark's Race I'm personally not pleased that people have had a hard time finding out their scores and supposedly the problem was because someone didn't put their age and that was holding up every thing. A writer with our local newspaper contacted me about how to find the scores and post them. I told him to go to the Tuscaloosa Track Clubs website. I also went on their website and saw the results of the 10K but no where did it say 5k. Those results are the ones listed under The Price of Freedom Race but it doesn't say 5k anywhere. Please let the track club hear your complaints. The Mark Forester Price of Freedom Race is considered a "Grand Prix" Race by the Track Club but I personally don't think the race was handled like it should have been this year by the TTC. We will do what we can for all you runners to make sure we have a better understanding with the TTC for next year and that they do a better job for us. I was under the impression that the runners were supposed to have been given a chip to put in their shoes to keep their time. If any of you have any questions please let us know and especially the Tuscaloosa Track Club. Mark was known for his desire to excel and I sure hope the TTC does the same from here on out.
adison cook (05.31.13, 7:36 PM): The race results are now posted for 10k on the tuscaloosa track clubs website!!
adison cook (05.27.13, 10:08 PM): Mrs.Forester i did not find out my time however i contacted via email the website manager for the Tuscaloosa track club and am awaiting a reply
Pat Forester (05.26.13, 11:55 PM): Since I'm not a runner I don't know anything about how the Tuscaloosa Track Club works but we are a Grand Prix race for them and I think they SHOULD have the results for all the runners to see, at least the 10k and 5K. I'm personally going to check and see if there is something wrong. I'll post when I find out. So sorry for any inconvenience.
Caroline Sprayberry (05.26.13, 2:14 PM): I LOVE the picture of John Evan and Chad...priceless! Are those just the results for the 5k? I would love to see results for 10k and 1 mile :)
Pat Forester (05.25.13, 6:16 PM): Adison, did you find out your time?
adison cook (05.25.13, 1:50 PM): thank you Mrs.Forester, i absolutely love the race and will be coming back every year it is a wonderful experience.
Pat Forester (05.24.13, 7:49 PM): Adison, please email Lauren Tinker and tell her your problem. She will be happy to help. I know you are very anxious to know your time. We appreciate your support by participating in thr Race and I'm so sorry for your wait. Here is Lauren's email: If for some reason you don't hear from her right away please email me and I will find out what you need. My email:
adison cook (05.24.13, 5:06 PM): can someone please tell me where the 10k result are, i do not see them on the tuscaloosa track club's website