Erin Mc. (05.27.13, 2:39 PM): Mark's picture and short description is displayed on today for Memorial Day under 100 Fallen Heroes. Great to see!
Momma (05.26.13, 11:48 PM): Thank you my son Thad for your undying devotion to Mark. Thank all of you for continuing to participate in Mark's birthday walk. You just can't imagine how powerful a sight you are all walking together, for one reason, to let Mark know you will never forget him and the sacrifice he freely gave. I always get chills seeing you come down our hill to our house. I send my love to all of you that left here with blisters, sore muscles, and tired bodies. Our family will always remember your sacrifice also. My love reaches out to all other moms who have lost a child whether in war or other ways. There are moments of reprieve when I think Mark is going to come home at any moment and he'll open the door and say "momma, I'm home." I know you other mothers must feel that as well, but all too soon the reality hits us hard again. May we be grateful for the opportunity to be their moms even if it was such a short time. FAMILIES ARE FOREVER P.S. the video was great Thad, I wish I could have seen all the walk but that isn't possible. I love you buddy
Clifton (05.26.13, 11:41 PM): Thad, My hope is to be able to attend next year...has been eating me up that I have not had an opportunity to come by and see you and your family. I will do all I can to be there.
juliet (05.26.13, 8:26 PM): Beautiful - just beautiful!!!