chris f (03.25.14, 3:16 PM): im buying the dvd on nat geo website im really dissapointed in them that didnt advertise this sorry Thad and Forester family
Francis Rinehart (08.24.13, 6:40 PM): I found two links that I'd link to show to everyone. The second link list websites that are showing it for streaming. *Beware of a lot of pop-up ads*. Let me know if there is any issues.
Julie Edgin (08.22.13, 10:01 PM): I just saw the episode using the link that Stuart shared. Remarkable. Even more evidence of the solider and warrior Mark was. Great story. He definitely made an impact and a lasting influence on his team.
Stuart Edgin (08.22.13, 9:23 PM): Found Mark's NatGeo Episode online: You'll need to use a cable account login, but here it is. Mark Forester--true American Hero!
LuAnn Johnson (08.21.13, 8:31 AM): I was disappointed that the episode "Fallen Hero" was not aired on the 19th as Nat Geo stated it would be. I sent a message to their fb page and they assured me that it will air on Sept 15th at 5:30. I'm assuming that's central time because that's what I live in, but they didn't specify in the message. Gonna try and DVR it again. . . .
Tyler Biral (08.21.13, 12:17 AM): I was able to watch Mark's episode using Comcast On Demand...Perhaps others will have the same luck. It was great being able to see and hear Mark again like that. I had the honor of being in his flight at BMT. RIP brother.
Patricia Forester (08.19.13, 3:31 PM): If you're like me and have been trying to record Mark's episode tonight on NatGeo you are finding that there is no episode to record. I even checked for Aug. 26, and there is nothing there either. I don't know what is going on with NatGeo. They have given us wrong dates from the beginning. Mark's episode has shown apparently a couple of times but we didn't know about those times ahead of time to let anyone else know. As Mark's momma I am very upset that this famous name channel has chosen to change their programing at their whim. We had to sign over a lot to allow this to be filmed and now the network isn't being very responsible in keeping to their scheduling. All I can say is that I'm very sorry about what they have done. We apologize to all who were looking forward to seeing this about Mark. You can be certain that they will be contacted about the reason they changed their programing. Our family is very upset. Pat Forester
Travis Smith (07.02.13, 11:54 PM): Thank you Mark and all the fallen heroes who fought for so many of the freedoms we enjoy!