Corey (08.05.13, 10:48 PM): Watching Eyewitness tonight and saw the Alabama hat and so I search for the brave soldier wearing the hat and sacraficing his life. Thank you!! He represented us well and I too can't wait to read the book. God Bless!
scott (08.05.13, 10:32 PM): just saw an episode of eyewitness war which featured mark. ive been reading everything i can about him the last few hours. the world was a better place with him in it. he seemed to be exceptional, in every sense of the word. i wish i would have known him.
Tracy (07.18.13, 8:22 AM): Thad! I am so excited for this book. Isabel still talks about Mark and wants to know about him. This book will be awesome in helping our family remember sacrifices made by those brave enough to serve.
Brandon Price (07.17.13, 8:39 PM): Thad, I didn't realize you were writing a book my friend. I look forward to reading it and learning more about Mark through your words. Hope to see you and Roz again soon.
Momma (07.17.13, 2:11 AM): Thad, my sweet boy, you have sacrificed so much time and energy in writing this book about your little brother. I can just hear Mark laughing in unbelief that you have written a book about him. Ya'll had a special bond that goes beyond death. I'm so proud of you sweetie. I love you very much..good luck with the book.. I've only read the first chapter you let me read and I cried all through it so I know it will probably be hard for me to read it but I can't wait to get my copy. Love you buddy.
Alan (07.17.13, 12:35 AM): I look forward to reading this Thad and appreciate your brother and others like him who take on a higher calling (in more than one way) in life. I understand your love for your younger brother, and I believe he would be honored to know how much good you have done in his memory for others. Take care, Alan Wiggins
Charles Ross (07.16.13, 9:40 PM): I can't wait to read it!
Rozlynn (07.16.13, 12:18 PM): It has been inspiring to watch you write this book Thad. You have poured your heart and soul into the writing of this book and have had a second job at night working on it. Your devotion and dedication to Mark's memory and legacy is impressive and touching. So very proud of you!