36-Mile Memorial Birthday Walk – May 20, 2017

For the seventh year in a row, we will hold a memorial walk in Haleyville on May 20, 2017, in Mark’s honor. This is the same day as the 5k/10k/half race (you can’t do the walk and the race). For anyone who wants to participate, it will begin at 6:00 am and will be a continuous 36 miles in honor of Mark’s 36th birthday, which is May 15.

The route will begin and end at Haleyville High School. This walk is about remembering our brother on his birthday, and putting our bodies thru some pain in his honor. We welcome anyone who wants to participate. The entry fee is $40 and supports The Mark Forester Foundation. We will carry the same baton as previous years. We anticipate the walk taking about 13.5 hours. There will be staging areas every 5 to 7 miles with water.

You can view the photos section for galleries of previous walks.


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Here are a few more specifics and suggestions about the walk:

-To be clear, the Half/10k/5k/fun run race takes place this day too. The first race begins at 8:00 am. You CAN’T participate in the walk and the run. They are completely separate events
-Parking for the walk will be at the Haleyville High School main lot near the electronic sign
-If you plan to participate, please register on line so that we can prepare adequately. Registration link is above
-Begins at 6:00 am at electronic sign at Haleyville High School. Please be there early to get your t-shirt.
-There will be staging areas every 5-7 miles to eat a snack, drink, change socks, etc. We anticipate making each stop at the staging areas as quick as possible–10-15 minutes
-We will have a police escort. If anyone gets too far behind the group, they will need to be picked up by the trailing car and taken to the next staging area. If we get too spread out, the police are concerned for our safety
-We suggest bringing socks to change at every staging area
-If you have valuables and don’t know where to keep them, you can put them in the trailing car, which will follow the group the entire walk
-You need to bring your own blister kit and first aid kit. Also, if you want power/energy bars, you will need to bring your own. We can only provide water, Gatorade, some fruit, and lunch
-The weather this time of year can be very comfortable or hot; but I’d recommend to be prepared for some heat and humidity
If you will be visiting Haleyville for the first time, here is a link with city information. Haleyville Chamber of Commerce

For all military participating in the walk or race: you have a place to stay at the city storm shelter, just like the last few years. However, if there is severe weather, it has to be opened to the public. If it gets too full (because space is limited), the Super Armory will be opened too.

Here are hotel options for the area:
1. The Fuller House Bed & Breakfast – Haleyville. Has 4 rooms, multiple beds. 205-269-7590. Address: 3315 Newburg Road, Haleyville, AL. Fills up fast.
2. Imperial Inn (formerly Windwood Inn) – Haleyville. This is an old hotel right in town. Phone 205-486-5205.
3. Hampton Inn – Winfield (27 miles away). Phone 205-487-1270.
4. Best Western – Russellville (27 miles away). Many of Mark’s teammates have stayed here for previous events. Phone 256-332-1002.
5. Hampton Inn – Jasper (40 miles away). May be best for those coming from the south (if you don’t stay in Haleyville). Phone 205-221-3334.
36-mile route download available below: