Air Force Cross Exhibit

Four bronze busts in the likeness of Air Force Cross recipients were unveiled during a ceremony honoring the Airmen at the Combat Control School at Pope Field, NC on December 6, 2012. The recipients were (notice the links to read more about their part in the Air Force’s highest honor):

Capt Barry Crawford
Tech Sgt. John Chapman, KIA 4 March 2002
Staff Sgt Robert Gutierrez
Staff Sgt Zach Rhyner

Below are articles on the event:

Air Force News

Air Force Reserve Command

We personally know Barry and Robert–they served with Mark. Barry was one of the CCT’s assigned to our family when Mark was killed. His job those 9 days was rough, but he took great care of all our needs.

These are great men. We recommend you read about each of them.

This display and the busts couldn’t have been done without generous donations, and the Combat Control School Heritage Foundation.