Alabama Legislature Medal of Honor

We attended the Alabama Sports Festival State Games Opening Ceremony on June 22, 2012 in Birmingham. This is a program to develop grassroots Olympic-style competitions and expose athletes, volunteers and spectators of all ages, especially our youth, to Olympic sports and the overall Olympic experience. It is an educational awareness program that encourages Alabamians to develop healthy, active lifestyles and eating habits.

One part of the ceremony is to honor the Wounded Warriors, Disabled Veterans, and Fallen Service Members from our state. Each person in this group is presented with a medal, which is pictured below. Since Mark is one of our Fallen Service Members, I represented him. There were hundreds, if not more, in attendance who fell into these categories.

To learn more about the ASF Foundation, and the ceremony where Mark, and all our heroes from Alabama were honored, click HERE. There is even a section called “Honoring our Heroes”.