“Big Andy” log

We like to keep up with what’s going on at Pope Field, since that’s where Mark was stationed. On March 15, 2013, Special Tactics operators from across Pope Field, N.C. took part in a 6 mile walk around the flightline carrying a log dedicated to a fallen comrade. The log, carved in honor of Staff Sgt. Andrew Harvell, is estimated to weigh 1,250 lbs. Harvell’s nickname “Big Andy” is carved on one side of the log and his mantra “Victory or Valhalla” is carved on the other. Harvell was killed in action while serving in Afghanistan.

Here is more text from the article:

“We have prospective students carry logs and poles to promote team work, motivation and pride,” said Senior Master Sgt Scott Innis, Combat Control School Commandant. “After the pole was finished, the staff at Combat Control School decided that combat controllers should carry it before students. We went further and invited the 21st and 24th Special Tactics Squadrons to be involved, as Andy had been assigned to both during his brief career. We split the distance evenly around the flight line.”

The journey around the flightline started and ended with the instructors from the Combat Control School and was passed to the special tactics squadrons along the route. The one rule for this trip was the log doesn’t touch the ground again until it is back at the Combat Control School.

This is a great tribute to one of their fallen brothers and one of our nation’s heroes.

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