Free Promotion for Kindle version of My Brother in Arms

Beginning Sunday, September 29, 2013, Mark’s biography will be available on in the Kindle format for free. This promotion will run for 3 days, then will go back to regular pricing. We want My Brother in Arms in as many hands (and as many tablets/phones) as possible.

Click HERE for the direct link to the book, Kindle or paperback version, on

To all those who have purchased the Kindle version and/or paperback, or who will take advantage of the free promotion on the Kindle, thank you for the support. We ask that no matter what format you read, that you leave a book review on Amazon.

Also, we’ve had book orders from most states, but haven’t seen any from states like Alaska or the New England area. Anybody in those areas looking for an inspirational biography, please read more about Mark’s book and consider buying.