George Earhart Visit

This weekend, George Earhart visited us. We have anticipated meeting him for several months. He was a teammate of Mark’s and fought alongside him many times. After Mark’s sister-in-law, Rozlynn, visited George at Walter Reed in November, she told us he offers great insight into Mark as a warrior and that they truly cared for each other as teammates. A few days after he lost his friend Mark, he was severely injured and returned to the U.S. He has been recovering since early October. Fortunately his recovery has been speedy and he’s out of the hospital.

We appreciate George making us one of his first stops after being released from the hospital. He is wise beyond his years and he was thankful for his time with Mark–both as members of the 21STS and teammates in Afghanistan.
George said after all the talks he and Mark had about family and home, he never imagined he’d be coming to Haleyville to see Mark’s family without him. He spent some time alone at the grave side. We talked a lot about that final day and battle that he and Mark experienced.

George is a leader and true friend. The younger guys he trains should listen to his advice. He is a patriot and has been since he was a teenager. As he and I walked thru town this weekend, I said to myself, “these people we’re meeting have no clue how special this guy is. They don’t know there is a hero right in front of them.” He is our friend and we look forward to seeing him again. George, continue to excel at your recovery and soon you won’t be walking with a limp.

Thanks Ryan Baker for the effects of the picture below.

This is the last picture of Mark and George together. Taken the day that final mission began.