Good Times with Mark

As time passes, we naturally miss Mark more and more. I often reflect on the good times we had. Definitely one time, of the many, that stands out is our trip to Colorado Springs to see our brother Joseph and his family, in 2007. Thanks to our friend Michael, we were able to go tubing in the perfect location. At the bottom of the long hill was a little “lip” which provided sufficient air lift. We had a blast tubing down this hill, then running up so we could do it again. I’m positive we had more fun than any of the kids that were there.

When it really got fun was when we doubled up on a tube. Whatever the combination between Joseph, Mark, or Thad, we had over 400 lbs flying down the hill. We were loud and we caused a lot of commotion, which was common when we got together. One time I landed on Mark’s leg and knew for sure that I’d broken it, at the femur. But, there was no damage. Surprisingly, none of us got injured. We came closer to dehydration than injury.

I’ll never forget that day. Mark, we wish we could have more good times like this with you. We’ll continue, but you’ll be missed.

This is Mark hitting the small jump at full speed. He loved every minute of it.