Honor and Remember

We were first introduced to this organization in Manteca, CA last Memorial Day as they presented the Honor and Remember flag to the family of a fallen hero. The flag was created as a symbol to universally recognize the American service men and women who never make it home. It does not replace the American flag. This organization was created by the father of fallen hero George Anthony Lutz II (Tony), after he was killed by sniper fire in Iraq on December 29, 2005. Since it’s inception, their mission has been to create, establish and promote a nationally recognized flag that would fly continuously as a visible reminder to all Americans of the lives lost in defense of our national freedoms.

They have momentum and are steadily growing, and also getting more and more sponsors. A representative told us there are two important aspects they stress: 1) our heroes did not die in vain, and 2) they will not be forgotten.

We encourage you to visit their site and see if there is a chapter near you. They are not in every state yet, but chances are you’ve seen their flag somewhere, or will soon.

Honor and Remember web site