Listen to Air Force Cross recipient Rob Gutierrez, the “Combat Chassis”

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Rob is one of those guys who was angered by the attacks on 9/11 and quit his job and joined the military THAT DAY. Unfortunately, he couldn’t pass the swim test for CCT initially, but he kept working and got accepted.

Even though his employer laughed at him for wanting to join, Rob has had a successful career in combat and sent many terrorists to meet their maker. After being shot, having a lung collapse – twice, and losing over 5 pints of blood during a fight with the Taliban in 2009, he still called in close air support and saved his team which helped eliminate over 47 enemies that night and prevent thousands of pounds of Imodium Nitrate from being used for bombs.

Rob shares an incredible story of bravery and determination by him and his team to fight the enemy, no matter how many of them kept appearing from the spider holes trying to kill them.

He was also named one of the Outstanding Airmen of the Year in 2010.