Mark featured in American Heroes Vault

Mark is one of the heroes featured in this book. According to Whitman Publishing: “In America’s Heroes: Stories From Today’s Armed Forces, you will hear from brave service members, and from their families and friends, in their own words. This is your exclusive invitation to personally explore the modern U.S. military—and a one-of-a-kind salute to today’s armed forces.”

The publisher sums up the book/vault by this:

“The modern U.S. military fights a Global War on Terror—a campaign for freedom and democracy worldwide. Through combat missions in Operation Enduring Freedom, in far-flung regions of the globe like Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, and Northern Africa, and in humanitarian efforts that help spread American ideals and American compassion, our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard serve the entire free world.

They fight terror and tyranny with courage, pride, and honor. They use awe-inspiring weapons and bold tactics—but also kind words for hurt children, and helping hands for downtrodden neighbors. They are brave enough to risk their own lives in combat. They are American enough to win hearts and minds through hard work and generosity.”

That is a great summary and we are honored to have Mark be part of this collection. It is now available to purchase on line. You can get your copy by going to the Whitman Publishing web site HERE.

The book also contains a complete memorial listing of those who died in the 9/11 attacks.

It may already be available at Wal-Mart too, but we don’t have this confirmed yet.