Mark’s biography on sale for $0.99 in observance of Independence Day

This helmet camera that Mark got for Christmas 2009 gave us priceless footage from training and combat while he was deployed. In his biography, you can read about those battles and learn more about Mark. A brief explanation of the book is below:

I think what makes Mark unique is he served a voluntary 2-year full-time mission for our church in Oakland, CA, then went to college and received a bachelor’s degree in Business Finance, and then he chose to enlist. He became an Air Force combat controller, which is a little known elite group of Special Operators. So, he was serving others when the attacks on 9/11 happened, which motivated him to join the military. And he was serving his teammates and all Americans when he was killed on 29 Sept 2010.

My focus of the book is to allow his example to teach patriotism, faith, moral character and courage through the stories of those who served beside him, and who can witness that he truly was exceptional. Even in the moments he was killed, he was putting himself in harm’s way for others. He died as he lived, full of love for his country and confidence in his cause. He represents the kind of hero our country needs to honor and remember.

You can order or download the book HERE. Remember, it’s only $0.99 on July 4th; applies to Kindle version.

You can also watch a trailer on the book below. It’s an example of combat footage captured by Mark’s Christmas present.