Mark’s Dog Eddie

The alpha male of Cobra. Eddie used to rub on Mark’s door when he would be Skype-ing with us, so he’d let him in his room a little while. Mark has always loved dogs. Eddie went on some missions with Mark and his team as well. If any of Mark’s teammates have an update on Eddie, we would love to know how he’s doing.

We know at least on one occasion some wild dogs got into camp and jumped on a female dog. Eddie, being the man he is, tried to protect her. He got beat up pretty bad. This made Mark angry, so he went hunting those wild dogs. We know he killed several of them, and this may have happened more than once. We have seen Eddie in separate pictures with Mark’s teammates. Maybe he’s been around Cobra for a while.

The Forester family recently got a stray dog who looks like Eddie, so that’s what we named him.