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If you’ve read my book: “My Brother in Arms”, you’ve seen Matthew Glencoe’s name on the front cover. After I’d been working on the book for about a year, I realized help was needed if the book was ever going to be finished in reasonable time.

As he helped organize the book, Matt and I discuss what is was like for him to learn about Mark and his family. One duty was to come to Mark’s annual memorial walk in Haleyville AND take part. He did. Then quickly realized walking a continuous 31 miles in hilly northwest Alabama without training wasn’t the best idea. However, he endured and finished. This 13-hour event allowed Matt many opportunities to see and feel the support for Mark and his foundation from so many.

Glencoe also turns the tables and asks me several questions. I share the process of writing the book and why I was committed to it, especially having not written a book before.

Today’s episode is a little different because May 15 is my brother Mark’s birthday. He’d be 36 years old today. And with our big event coming up this weekend, on May 20, I thought it was appropriate to talk about Mark’s book, the race, and memorial walk.

He was ready

A portion of book sales supports The Mark Forester Foundation. This isn’t a book specifically about war, even though the majority of the book is about Mark’s military career and deployment. However, Matthew Glencoe reminds us that this book is more about the makings of a hero.

After reading, you may also feel that Mark’s life ended dramatically, but was exceedingly well lived. You can read more and purchase the book at these links (and any major bookstore):


Register for the Price of Freedom Race (event is May 20)

Register for the 36-mile Memorial Birthday Walk (event is May 20)

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