Memorial Day Program at Cornerstone Church of God

Sunday May 22, 2011 we were invited to the Cornerstone Church of God Memorial Day program in Red Bay. In addition to honoring all those who have served and currently serve our country, they paid special tribute to Mark.

We were very impressed with the program, including the patriotic music and slideshows. It was a very tough, but inspiring service. I was asked to speak about Mark, which is something I’m passionate about. After all, one of my missions in life is to share with the world the man and warrior Mark was. I could probably speak for a few hours straight about him. It’s also important for us to recognize that there are many who are and have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. And unfortunately, many families know the suffering of losing a loved one in war. There were many heroes among us in this church yesterday.

The members welcomed us warmly. They displayed pictures and medals of their family members who have served. They handed out small flags to each person in attendance. We also met the mother of one of the airmen who was stationed at Kandahar that helped load Mark’s body onto the plane to return to Dover.

I am continually in awe of the members of the military that I meet; in particular Mark’s teammates. They are full of patriotism, courage and selflessness. These men and women need our full gratitude and respect.