Memorial Push-ups for ‘FR’

We had a great visit this weekend from Lt. Col. Parks Hughes and Capt. Greg Walsh. These men knew Mark and were with him in Afghanistan, as well as part of the 21 STS at Pope. We have been in contact with Lt. Col. Hughes many times before and after Mark’s death. They took time away from their families and work to see us, and we appreciate that. They are great men and definitely some of the finest of all the armed forces.

The picture below shows memorial push-ups lead by Hughes. We were around the flag pole at the Forester home. We have a new tradition whenever Mark’s teammates/leaders visit, they will lead us in push-ups around the flag pole in Mark’s honor.

Don’t forget to see Mark featured on Lifetime’s “Coming Home” Sunday, March 27 at 9:00 pm central. The preview aired tonight.