New Flag Pole Marker and Grave Sod

After Lt. Col. Frank Latt presented us with his flag that he kept in his cockpit while providing air support to Mark on 29 September 2010, we had this marker placed at the bottom of the flag pole. This is in the front of the Forester house to help remind us of Mark’s sacrifice and love of God, country, and home. The flag and pole marker are easily seen when driving up to mom and dad’s home.

Below is a picture of Mark’s marker. Mom tries to keep blue rubber bracelets on the Alabama flag pole for anyone to take. Embossed on the bracelets are Mark’s name and “Be Like Mark”. This statement was shared with us from Chief Markham shortly after Mark’s death.

The below picture shows the new sod and flags around the grave. Mom and dad planted the sod themselves and drive to the cemetery every day to water it. Since we’ve had a very dry and hot early summer, this is necessary.

After the deadly tornadoes on April 27, Haleyville was left without water for a few days. So mom got water from their pool and watered the grave sod. It never crossed her mind that the pool water contained salt. A week or two later she realized it when the grass started dying. So, she and dad just replaced all the sod and have been working hard to get it green and pretty. I think it’s just about there.

We appreciate all those who come from near and far to pay their respects to Mark. And many have already taken some of the bracelets, which is what mom wants.