Price of Freedom Memorial Birthday 30-Mile Walk

In memory of Mark’s birthday, there will be a memorial walk in Haleyville on May 14, 2011. This is the same day as the 5k/10k. For anyone who wants to participate, it will begin about 6:00 am and will be a continuous 30 miles in honor of Mark’s 30th birthday, which is May 15. This walk will be held each year, with one mile added every year to represent his age.

The route will also begin and end at Haleyville High School. This is a personal walk for me and it’s not about the money or participants; it’s about remembering our brother on his birthday, and putting myself thru some pain in his honor. We welcome anyone who wants to participate. No entry fee is required, but a donation to The Mark Forester Foundation is appreciated. A baton has been made that will be carried each year. I anticipate the walk taking about 10-12 hours. There will be staging areas every 4 to 7 miles with water and snacks. There will be trailing cars that can carry any extra items you may want/need throughout the walk.

The walk will include a stop at Mark’s grave and a pass by the flag pole in front of our parent’s house. The flag atop the pole has special meaning because it’s the flag that Lt. Col. Frank Latt had in the cockpit with him while providing Mark air support on his final battle. Frank presented this flag to us last month.

To participate in the walk, click link below to fill out registration form.

Price of Freedom Memorial Walk Registration Form (inactive).

Special thanks to all our sponsors.

Below is the baton that will be carried during the walk.

Memorial Walk route is now available, along with anticipated times to arrive at each staging area. Click link below to review

Here are a few more specifics and suggestions about the walk:

-To be clear, the 10k/5k/fun run race is still on too. The first race doesn’t begin until 9:00 am
-Parking for the walk will be at the Haleyville Middle School, which is directly across the street from high school football field
-If you plan to participate, please register on line. Registration link is above
-Begins at 6:00 am at electronic sign at Haleyville High School. Please be there early to get your t-shirt.
-There will be staging areas every 4-7 miles to eat a snack, drink, change socks, etc. We anticipate making each stop at the staging areas as quick as possible–less than 10 minutes
-We will have a police escort. If anyone gets too far behind the group, they will need to be picked up by the trailing car and taken to the next staging area. If we get too spread out, the police are concerned for their safety
-Bring socks to change at every staging area
-If you have valuables and don’t know where to keep them, you can put them in the trailing car, which will follow the group the entire walk
-When walk is over, we can go to The Galley Restaurant. They will feed all walk participants for free Saturday evening. You will need an identifying bracelet to get your food–you will get this after the walk