Speaking Tour at Hill AFB & Salt Lake City for Mark and other American Heroes

November 7-8, 2011, I will be speaking to several venues in the Salt Lake City, UT area, compliments to Zion’s Bank. The purpose is two fold:

1. To share the man, warrior, and Patriot our brother Mark was
2. To recognize the many other heroes who have and are serving our country to protect us from evil

The schedule will be as follows:

11/7 7:30 Salt Lake Chamber offices, 175 E. 400 S. 6th floor
11/7 12:00 Hill AFB 419th Fighter Wing, Hill Theater
11/7 6:00 State Capitol – Top of Utah Military Affairs committee and legislative leadership, located in State Auditorium in State Office Bldg
11/8 11:30 Zions Bank Building for Zions employees, located in Founders Room, 16th floor. There is also a great display of Mark in the lobby. It’s worth visiting.

This is a tremendous opportunity and I thank Brian Garrett with Zions Bank, and my brother-in-law Steve Bartholomew for making this happen. They have both been passionate about Mark’s story, and about our military who protect us.

Our friends and readers are invited to attend any of these events.

The call to action is to “Honor the Heroes”. How do we honor those who serve to protect our freedoms? What do we currently do, or what can we do to honor them? During this past year, in our quest to learn all we can about Mark’s military service, we couldn’t help but be amazed at the many we’ve met who serve our country selflessly and put their lives on the line, often times daily. There are many who instantly come to my mind. And I know we’ll continue to meet many more. I thank you all. These speaking opportunities are not just to honor Mark, they are to honor everyone. When we honor Mark, we honor you all.

Please go to HERE and share how you Honor the Heroes.

They go through a lot of pain and carry a lot of weight on their backs for us.