SSgt. Rob Gutierrez Receives Air Force Cross

We’ve mentioned Rob Gutierrez on this site several times, and each time is easily justified. We wanted to post this video from CNN and these articles about Rob, giving some details of how he survived a collapsed lung–twice, gunshot wound, busted eardrums, and losing 5+ pints of blood. He is a humble man, and we have been fortunate to hear him share this story in person. He is a great, brave American. He also participated in Mark’s 30-mile Memorial Birthday Walk this year in Haleyville.

He has been in the news a few times lately and we are thankful he is being recognized for his heroic acts.

Click HERE to watch news story from CNN.

Click HERE to read more about Rob.

Click HERE for additional info on Rob from the Fayetteville Observer.

Pictured below are David Forester and Rob Gutierrez as they complete the 30-mile walk in May. We hope examples and stories like this provide inspiration and also recognize the heroes among us.