Tennessee Athlete honors Mark in Duathlon World Championship

Dan Hammond never met Mark. He has never met our family. But, he learned of Mark thru a mutual friend, Leah Stacey, a few years ago. Since then, he’s been a big supporter of Mark and his foundation.

He just returned home from Aviles, Spain where he competed in the International Triathlon Union’s Duathlon World Championship.

He traveled to Spain after placing in the national competition last year to participate in the duathlon, a combination of running and biking. Similar to a triathlon, a duathlon does not include swimming.

“In both sports, there are national championships in the U.S. every year and then there are world championships for those who qualify for their individual countries,” Hammond said. “I qualified for the standard and the sprint distances of the duathlon and chose to participate in the sprint.”

You can read more about his experience and the event HERE

Dan will present his USA jersey to our parents soon.

Thank you Dan. You represented JAG 28 and The Mark Forester Foundation well.