Three Members of 24 STS Among Those Killed in August 6 Crash

Even though this tragic event happened over a week ago, we want to express our appreciation and support to the special operators and the families of Andy Harvell, John Brown, and Daniel Zerbe. All three were members of the 24 STS at Pope Field, NC.

SSgt. Andy Harvell (26) was a combat controller, from Long Beach, CA. He was married and has two small children. He also has a brother, SSgt. Sean Harvell, who is a combat controller.

Sgt. John Brown (33) was a pararescueman (PJ) from Siloam Springs, AR/Tallahassee, FL. He was married and had plans of being a nurse anesthetist, but joined the AF after seeing a video on special operations.

Sgt. Daniel Zerbe (28) was also a pararescueman (PJ) from York, PA. He was proud of his job and was doing what he wanted to be doing.

These three men were among the 38 people killed on August 6th in Afghanistan including Navy SEALs and Army Special Forces while conducting military operations. All of them have their own stories of why they joined the military and why they chose special operations. We did not know any of them but we are grateful for their sacrifice and service to our country. This especially hits home because they were in the same special ops community as Mark. We’ve learned this special tactics community is small and close-knit and these heroes will not be forgotten.

You can learn more about them by clicking HERE.

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Pictured below is SSgt. Andy Harvell