Tribute to American Hero Calvin Harrison

On 29 September 2010, we lost another great American besides Mark, we lost Sgt. First Class Calvin Harrison, from Coldspring, TX. Calvin was one of Mark’s special forces teammates–a Green Beret Medic. Mark and Calvin were in day two of a very successful mission, along with their other teammates, and were advancing on a suspected enemy ambush site when they were killed in action.

In a speech by Texas Congressman Ted Poe, he shared that when Calvin worked in a grocery store at a younger age, a customer one day walked in and looked him right in the eye and said “You’re never gonna be nothin.” Calvin remembered this moment and even brought it up to his dad his last time home. Sounds like he used this as positive motivation to help him achieve what he did.

The picture below was taken on 29 September 2010 – the day of that fatal battle. We have been told by numerous people that Calvin was a fantastic father to his two girls, excellent soldier and medic, and well-liked by all teammates. We keep in touch with his mom and we keep a picture of Calvin and his girls in our home. Afterall, he was fighting alongside Mark. One of Calvin’s high school friends told us that Mark couldn’t have had a better man fighting alongside him.

We are grateful to Calvin for his sacrifice, for his example, and for his family’s support while he served our country. Rest in peace Calvin. May you and Mark protect us from the other side.