VFW Magazine Article on Air Force Special Tactics

We’re always glad to see the Special Tactics community recognized. Of course this article instantly struck us because of the picture of Mark at the beginning (nevermind his last name is spelled wrong in the caption). This is the September issue of VFW. The article is very good and speaks of a few Combat Controllers, including SSgt. Rob Gutierrez. He was one of Mark’s teammates and was recently selected as one of 12 Airmen of the Year in 2010. He has also been nominated for an Air Force Cross for his actions described in this article.

Others honored in this article are Air Force Cross recipients: Jason Cunningham, John Chapman, and Zachary Rhyner.

To read the entire article from the VFW web site, click HERE. It would do every American good to read about these men. And when you meet them, thank them for their sacrifices and courage.